The Wellness, Identity, and Gender Lab 


Current Projects

Trans Happiness Study: Funded by the American Psychological Foundation, this study explores trans individuals' experiences of happiness. With this study, we hope to understand more about the ways in which trans people experience happiness, what helps foster happiness, and what gets in the way of happiness. Much of the psychological research to date has investigated the adverse effects of negative life experiences (e.g., harassment, discrimination, and violence) on trans individuals' psychological health, but far less is known about the ways in which trans people experience joy, pride, contentment - happiness - in their lives and identities. 

Anti-Trans Bathroom Legislation Study: This study investigates outcomes associated with recent legislative efforts aimed at limiting trans individuals' access to bathrooms that are congruent with their gender. By exploring the links of anti-trans policy efforts with various mental health outcomes, we hope to better understand how marginalization, enacted at the institutional and systems-level, may have direct impacts on individuals. For more information about the status of recent legislation related to concerns relevant to gender and sexual minority individuals, please see the following resources:

Sexual Minority Women's Experiences of Sexual Objectification Study: This is a multi-stage study funded by the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA). The first stage, a qualitative analysis of sexual minority women's experiences of sexual objectifications, was recently completed, and its resulting manuscript is in preparation. The second stage of this study is the development and validation of a psychometric measure of sexual minority women's sexual objectification experiences. Items for this measure were developed using qualitative findings from the first stage of this project and from prior research literature. We are in the process of completing data collection at this time. After the measure has been published, we will make it available online for other researchers to use. 


SELECTED Publications

Tebbe, E. A. & Moradi, B. (2016). Suicide risk in trans populations: An application of minority stress theory. Journal of Counseling Psychology63, 520-533.

The following articles* are part of a Major Contribution in The Counseling Psychologist.

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