Elliot A. Tebbe, Ph.D., June, 2017

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in the Department of Educational Psychology's Counseling Psychology program. I graduated in August, 2015 from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) after completing my psychology internship at the University of Minnesota's Student Counseling Services. My research focuses on the factors that impede and promote health and well-being in marginalized populations, particularly gender and sexual minority individuals and communities. For more information about current lab projects, please click here. A copy of Elliot's CV can be found here.

teaching and mentorship

I am also passionate about teaching and mentorship. I believe that the goals of training at the graduate level should be to help students develop and grow in their ability to critically consume, apply, and produce knowledge. The ability to create and shape knowledge related to the important social issues of today is a tremendous privilege and one that I believe should be approached with humility, compassion, and dedication to ethics and scientific rigor. As a mentor, my hope is to empower and support students to be change agents in this world, and to find and embrace whatever the path is that takes them there. 

If you are considering pursuing a graduate degree in counseling psychology and have an interest and passion for working with marginalized communities and populations, I encourage you to apply to our program at UNL